Computer Implemented Inventions

Protecting the 4th Industrial Revolution!

Protecting the Unprotectable!

What to Patent?

Many aspects of the fourth industrial revolution are protectable, such as:

Sensors, AI chips and 5G-technology, all used for collecting data;

Artificial intelligence, Cloud computing and blockchain technology for storing and processing data; and

Smart applications (smart cities, smart factories, smart transports, Intern-of-Things) for exploiting the interconnectivity of objects.

Why patent?


Protect your ideas in conventional and modern business models (e.g. servitization, open core models);

Defend your market position (by preventing your competitors from monopolising solutions in your field);

Foster partnerships (by defining stakeholders‘ position, by allowing for cross-licensing or joining patent pools); and

Grow financially (patents are financial products and can be licensed);

Patent applications in computer technology experienced a steady rise at the EPO, be the first to file in your field!

Why patent with us?

Computer implemented inventions represent a challenge for many patent attorneys, as they are multi-disciplinary, globalised and technically involved. 

These inventions are also legally complex, as they comprise technical and non-technical features interacting with each other, many aspects are alone per se excluded from patentability, but can be patented when combined with technical features. 

The Fleuchaus&Gallo Team has the right legal and technical skills to provide effective protection for your inventions!

We have an extensive and constantly updated knowledge of the Case Law in the field of Computer Implemented Inventions; we regularly attend workshops to foster our knowledge and we are actively engaged in drafting the Guidelines of Examination of the EPO.



Patenting blockchain

Patenting blockchain

Blockchain has aggressively taken the centerstage of the fourth industrial revolution and is considered to be the driving force of the so-called web 3.0. Although blockchain’s claim to fame stems from its role as technology underlying the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, its use is not limited to the financial sector. For example,

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