First European patent for a new drug delivery technology (DehydraTECH™ ) of Lexaria Bioscience was granted

In these harsh Corona times man​y big public festivals had to be cancelled worldwide for good reasons, like recently the Munich Oktoberfest during the first Corona wave. More recently, in Germany, the celebration of the beginning of the famous “Carnival season”, which starts on 11th of November, was cancelled in advance due to the expected second wave of Corona. This decision was justified as we now clearly see.

Nevertheless, although it seems there is no room for public carnival celebrations this year, however, at least in the field of IP protection of cannabis-related inventions, there is one interesting news coinciding with this very date. Namely, the publication in the European Patent Bullettin of Lexaria Bioscience´s first granted European Patent for its new drug delivery technology (DehydraTECH™). The patent shows promising performances of several categories of lipophilic active agents.

The patent (EP3164141) is entitled: “food and beverage compositions infused with lipophilic active agents and methods of use thereof”.

The patent includes method claims to produce a “lipophilic active agent infused food product” with improved oral bioavailability using active agents such as cannabinoids, infused in food products like tea and coffee. The patent further includes medical use claims for a broad range of diseases/conditions, including:

  • cannabinoids to treat cardiac conditions such as hypertension and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; and
  • cannabinoids to treat metabolic disorders and substance abuse and addictions.


Certainly, this event will be a good reason for Lexaria Bioscience to celebrate 11th of November, which many people of the German Carnival hotspot (Cologne) generally celebrate by greeting everyone by a warm “Alaaf”.

So, enjoy a cup of (regular) tea, coffee or local beer (“Kölsch”) by studying the news in more detail:

On November 11th, do not forget to have a look at the European Patent Bulletin:

and to wish “Alaaf” to Lexaria Bioscience!

The Author

Dr. Sebastian Seufert is German Patent Attorney and our specialist in bio- and food-chemistry as well as molecular biology.

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