Our beloved father and founder of Fleuchaus & Gallo passed away peacefully on April 28, 2021.

We will miss him more than we can find words to express right now. We are feeling grief but also gratitude. Our dad’s passing was not unexpected – he was nearly 93 years old and his health had been waning.

We have all had time to say goodbye and reflect on just how lucky we were to have had this amazing man in our lives for so many years. And we are not alone with these feelings. Our father’s wisdom, generosity, empathy, and humility had a remarkable influence on people all around the globe.



Andrea Fleuchaus:

“My brother, Michael, and I are very lucky to have been raised by our mom and dad. They gave us constant encouragement and were always patient with us. I knew their love and support were unconditional, even when we clashed in my teenage years. I am sure that’s one of the reasons why my brother and myself have developed strong personalities and opinions, we knew they would always back us up, even if we should fail.

As I got older, I came to appreciate my dad’s quiet influence on almost everything I have done in life. Although it was my biggest wish to study veterinarian medicine, it always seemed to me in this question he was less supportive, when I redecided on studying “Biology and Natural Science” his support was more visible again. Today I interpret this as one of his quiet ways to influence and today I am more than grateful for having had someone “helping” my decisions always in my very best interest. (I suspect there are many others who have similar stories.)

When I am at my best, I know it is because of what I learned from my dad about respecting people, honoring individuality, and guiding my children’s choices with love, patience, and respect.

We worked together at Fleuchaus & Gallo not so much as father and daughter, but it always felt as friends and colleagues. I trust many of my present and former colleagues – not to forget our clients – at Fleuchaus & Gallo came through our doors and felt honored and enlightened to work with my dad. He saw the best in everyone and made everyone feel special. He was everything I try to be. We will miss him every day.”


Michael Fleuchaus:

“Our father was amongst the most gracious and satisfied people I know. Whilst always in a mood to improve things that were less than 99.9% perfect, he was nevertheless at no time dissatisfied. This reflected not only in his work but also in his uncompromised love, dedication, and endurance in raising us and nurturing our post-juvenile development until a very old age.

Leo was a quiet, subtle strategist who managed remarkably well to nudge the world around him in directions he was convinced are right; never to anybody’s disadvantage but with the best intentions for everybody. ‘Coincidently’ both Andrea and I followed his steps into the patent attorney profession and continued to grow a successful firm he laid the basis for in his professional life. His happiness about this was immeasurable.

When pondering about my father, I can’t think of anything but this friendly and happy man that would always answer ‘good!’ when asked how he was – even until the day of his passing. He was also an extremely wise man with an unmatched skill set and breadth of knowledge; still always thoughtful and respectful of others, humble and thirsty to learn even more.

Andrea and I both inherited a lot of our father’s character and skills, however, by no means can either of us match the vast amount of positive traits that had converged in him. His example will guide our path and always remind us to try harder for the greater good.

The world would be a much better place were there more Leos around.”